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Constructive Criticism Part 1


Now on to something else. How many times has somebody offered you some “Constructive Criticism?” It’s usually a cringe-worthy offer at best. And when it was delivered, did you wonder what happened to the constructive part? Did you think that the word constructive should imply a positive aspect...

Constructive Criticism Part 2


In the last post, I talked about so-called Constructive Criticism. And I said I thought it was an oxymoron and I didn’t see anything constructive about it. And by the way, I’m certainly not the first one to say that, but that being said, I also pointed out that I had come up with a Criticism...

Are You Disagreeable?


When was the last time you said or heard someone say to another (or you), “I DISAGREE” or “I COMPLETELY disagree” and with a tone that most certainly implies: You’re wrong, and I’m right. You’re an idiot, I’m smart. Sound familiar? Some years ago this idea was pointed out to me by someone I greatly...

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