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Are You Disagreeable?


When was the last time you said or heard someone say to another (or you), “I DISAGREE” or “I COMPLETELY disagree” and with a tone that most certainly implies: You’re wrong, and I’m right. You’re an idiot, I’m smart. Sound familiar? Some years ago this idea was pointed out to me by someone I greatly...

The Expectation Game Part 1


Now I’m going to go in a little different direction, although I have to tell you, this is still foundational stuff, so I’m only laying some ground work for this. By the way, even though I say I’m going in a different direction, please keep in mind – ALL of this is related. It’s all designed to work...

The Expectation Game Part 2


If you’ve been reading my work or listening to GBR podcasts, you’ll know that I’m big on creating strong foundations built on basic principles and utilizing simple, but powerful ideas. I previously talked about the Perils of the Expectation Game. And I said for me, there are two kinds, Primary...

Using The 3 C’s Part 1


An important part of our success equation often has to do with becoming more market driven than product driven. I think many companies are founded on product or service ideas. A huge amount of time is put into developing a product or service that the creator believes in passionately. Unfortunately...

Using the 3 C’s Part 5: Going Further


Much of what I’ve been talking about may seem very general to some of you. And that’s one way of looking at it, but as I’ve said many times, I think of it as foundational. It’s the stuff you build your business (or personal life in some cases) on top of. These are reference points that you call up...

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